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Old School 80s - Rainbow Brite

80's Cartoon DVD Release News!

from your friends at 80sCartoons.net!

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Totally Tubular Tuesday Reminder!
aurora77 wrote in 80scartoonsdvds
Reminder! These DVDS come out TODAY!

Best of Super Mario Super Show

On a related note, this other cartoon some of you might appreciate is released today:
Exosquad: Season 1


Voltron Volume 8 (Vehicle Force) - April 28, 2009

Jeff and the Voltron Force find themselves in a very different world from where they started. Their arch-enemy, Hazar, has been imprisoned by Drule High Command. The remaining Drule forces are split in a civil war, and their home planet is about to explode! Hawkins and the Galaxy Alliance try to negotiate as Voltron is slammed with attack after attack from the desperate Drules. Their mission is to rescue the Drule people and save them from self-destruction. But how can the Voltron force save the day while under fire from the very civilization they are struggling to save?

View a Voltron Vehicle Force clip on Youtube!

The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie! - April 28, 2009

Things start out plenty looney as Yosemite Sam strikes a Devilish bargain to send Bugs straight to you-know-where! The looniness continues as Daffy and Tweety tangle with a pair of feather-brained bird-napping gangsters. And in the even loonier finale, Bugs turns Hollywood's glitziest awards ceremony into a cartoon-star-studded disast-hare zone! A fabulous, 24-carrot tour de farce from animation legend Friz Freleng! Also includes for the first time on DVD the shorts "Pullet Surprise," "From Hare To Eternity," and "Box Office Bunny."

I can't find a clip for this one. If you find one, please comment and I'll edit it in. :)