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News about the release of 80's cartoon DVDs from the creator of 80sCartoons.net
This community is an extension of 80sCartoons.net. In this community, the creator and moderators of 80sCartoons.net will post DVD information for upcoming releases of cartoons from the 1980s, and occasionally related information.

This community is for news only. It is closed to posting, but not to commenting. Feel free to comment on the new releases. If you want to carry on an off-topic conversation, we recommend (but don't require) that you go to the 80sCartoons.net forum: http://80sCartoons.net/forum/

So as not to spam members, news releases will generally be combined into a set of news items and posted. If some particularly exciting piece of news comes out, however, we may post it immediately.

If there is a release we have missed, please let us know at the 80sCartoons.net forum.